How a Buyer’s Agent Can Help

A buyer’s agent will represent you with any home on the market, no matter what real estate brokerage has your dream home for sale. A buyer’s agent can do this because of the co-operative Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that gives me access to all properties for sale in the MLS. Only a buyer’s agent will independently provide an unbiased analysis of property strengths, weaknesses, and give you a broker’s opinion of value on the house to make sure you are making an informed decision and wise purchase. I can show you what the seller paid for the house and recent sales of neighboring homes that are similar to the one you are interested in. This service is available to you at absolutely no charge (unless you contract otherwise).

The seller has hired an agent to look out for their interest, when you call on a newspaper advertisement or yard sign, you are most likely calling the listing or seller’s agent. They represent the seller, not you, the buyer.

Using a Buyer’s Agent for “New Home Construction”

The builder’s on-site sales agent can only discuss the product he or she is selling however, a buyer’s agent will point out the pros and cons of many different communities and the quality of different builders. The buyer agent’s services are usually at no cost to you-in most cases the builder pays the buyer’s agent a sales commission, even though the buyer agent’s loyalties are with you the buyer and not the seller. But there is a catch here, most builders require that a buyer’s agent must accompany you the very first time you visit a model and sign a visitor card in order to receive a sales commission. If you view model homes without a buyer’s agent, it may be difficult for you to have your own representation or at the very least you should insist that you will have our company represent you upon first contact with the builder.

I am very familiar with new construction and new communities and can readily match your needs with the appropriate new homes in your price range. The advantage of using a buyer’s agent is a much more efficient house search.

Use Your Own Realtor

Work with a buyer’s agent who knows real estate and the market. Protect yourself and your rights as a buyer. Call your agent when you see a house advertised for sale and then he or she will call the listing agent to inquire about the property. It may be the perfect home for you, but let your agent do the investigating in order to get the most accurate information and not waste your valuable time.

What do you need to do to engage my services?

  • Your loyalty and a verbal agreement to work with me on an exclusive basis.
  • Pre-approval letter showing financing capability to purchase (can be provided at no cost to you).