EXPERIENCE COUNTS! Let me help you with your commercial real estate needs. I am highly qualified, with 20+ years experience in real estate and experience at a national bank in managing, leasing, and sales of a constantly changing $40 million real estate portfolio consisting of residential units, apartment buildings, industrial properties, and agricultural farms both inside and outside of the State of Ohio.

The professional designation (CPM) I hold can only be obtained through extensive experience, education, and testing to demonstrate mastery of the field. GIS (Geographical Informational Systems) is utilzed to optimize site selection and to make sound real estate decisions. Further, my training and practical experience as a geologist* gives me the tools necessary to assist you in understanding the land issues.

Tesoro Realty Inc. can assist you with the following commercial needs:

  • Office and Industrial
  • Retail and Residential
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Land development
  • Market study and site analysis/feasibility
  • Third party consulting on a contract/hourly basis

Experience Counts!

Certified Property Manager

As a Certified Property Manager (CPM), I can manage the day-to-day tasks associated with owning commercial property. I will also help you solve complex problems that arise throughout the course of the year. And, aside from standard maintenance duties, I will help you analyze your real estate as an investment. Together, we can create and implement a plan to increase the value and revenue from your properties. Further, my property management experience is invaluable as you go to purchase or analyze a potential acquisition target. In addition to your existing brokerage relationship I can be retained as a third party consultant.

Professional Geologist

In addition to my real estate credentials, I’m also a trained and experienced geology professional*. I have practical experience in making geological assessments and recommendations related to residential and commercial property and land development, both before the sale and as a part of your ongoing property maintenance needs.

For further information see: www.OhioValleyLandslides.com

GIS (ArcView), Site Analysis for Acquisition, Retention, & Relocation decisions

I have a practical knowledge of Geographical Informational Systems (GIS) and site location analysis in Greater Cincinnati. GIS combined with my extensive real estate experience can help you make the right decision, whether selling, relocating, or deciding to open in a new location. GIS gives you the necessary “science” to justify the financial decision and ensure that you made the best possible move whether relocating or acquiring a new site.

We use a state-of-art GIS program to assist you in your real estate decisions to optimize site selection based on your parameters (demographics, zoning, traffic count, etc).

More Information

If you have commercial real estate needs or questions, I would like to talk to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

*Disclaimer: Geological consulting is a separate service that is not automatically included with real estate services. A thorough geological inspection requires special attention and research. I encourage you to contract with me separately to provide real estate and geological services.