First Impressions Are Lasting

Make good first impressions. Please evaluate the interior & exterior condition of your home from a buyer’s perspective. Does your home have good “curb appeal” to a buyer driving by the area? Do you need some colorful flowers, or some landscaping mulch? Is the front door freshly painted or cleaned and look inviting to the prospective buyer? Houses in move-in condition tend to be inviting to buyers; houses that are like new typically sell the fastest and procure the best price.


Create a good first impression! Mow the lawn, rake leaves, trim trees and shrubs that keep light out of the house. Pick up tools, garbage cans, hoses, toys, and building materials and store them neatly in a storage area. Replace broken or missing roof shingles and straighten and clean the gutters and downspouts. Clean all windows and mend torn screens. Painting your house helps improve curb appeal more than any other fix-up! If you decide against painting the entire house, consider painting the front door, window frames and shutters. Seal or resurface the driveway and repair broken steps and walkways. Paint or replace your mailbox and post. Dress up the front yard with some simple landscaping.

Let The Sun In

Arrange window treatments to give maximum light. Turn every light on, even during the day for all showings. Replace all burned out bulbs.

Small Repairs Make A Big Difference

Fix dripping faucets, replace defective window panes where the thermal seal is broken, and replace worn door and drawer hardware, and other minor flaws that detract from home value. Buyers believe there will be three problems they haven’t noticed for every one they do see.

Paint For A Quick Sale

Faded interior walls and ceilings reduce appeal. A few cans of paint are the best investment you can make when you are selling a house.

Make Your House Look Spacious

Neat, well organized closets show that space is ample. Reduce the clutter in your closets, garage and all rooms. Rearrange or remove furniture to make your rooms look more spacious. Too much furniture and too many knickknacks make rooms look cluttered and small. One or two decorative items per surface are plenty, so pack the rest away. Your home will appear much more spacious and help the buyer visualize his/her things in the house.

Is Your Age Showing?

Minor redecorating is recommended if certain elements of your home are dated and tired looking. Dark wood, shag carpet, old wallpaper, etc. can be negatives to selling. Fresh paint and taking time to assess the condition of your house is time well spent, contact me for a walk through analysis on preparing your house for sale.

Pride Of Ownership Sells

Cleanliness attracts buyers. A neat clean turn-key home will attract buyers and help sell your house. Clean the house and keep it that way during the marketing period until the final sale date of your home. Make it sparkle! Most agents and purchasers will move the bath curtain to see whether you have mildew on your tile. So, scrub the floors and walls and re-caulk tubs and showers.

Three’s A Crowd

Buyers prefer privacy when being shown through a house. Whenever possible, never stay in your house with house hunters.

Reasonable Access

Please let me know where you can be reached and anytime you will not be in town or available for showing presentations. It is best to always keep your house prepared and ready to show especially during the week when you are at work. I will always call you with as much notice as I am given. Making your house accessible and easy to show will result in more buyers seeing your house and ultimately lead to the sale of your house.

Contact me for a consultation on preparing your home or property for sale.