As a licensed professional geologist serving the Greater Cincinnati region (Ohio & Kentucky) my interest in geology is from a real estate perspective and of a scientific nature. I can supply a geology based assessment on an existing property or property under consideration for purchase.

My assessment falls outside of what a typical building (home or business) inspection would reveal for a residential, commercial, or industrial property. The main focus is on surficial geo-hazards that might impact the real estate under consideration whether for a pre-purchase assessment, existing construction, new construction, or unimproved land.  The assessment is limited in scope, non invasive (no subsurface exploration), and pertains to surficial processes (landslides, river erosion, sink holes, etc.) based on my professional experience and knowledge.

What geo-hazards?

Some people don’t think of Greater Cincinnati as an area prone to landsliding and geological hazards, but this is a miss-perception. As studies (USGS) have shown, the Greater Cincinnati area has a history and topography that presents many dangers to property owners. Various researchers, including the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and myself, have completed research and various articles on this subject.

One of the main geo-hazards in the tri-state region (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana) is extremely slow landsliding, claiming housing and infrastructure on a regular basis, and causing financial havoc for individuals, financial institutions, governmental agencies, and professionals. Hamilton County, Ohio has some of the highest cost per capita in the United States for landslide damages. The vast majority of the surrounding tri-state hillsides are composed of the same underlying rock and overlying clay and are unstable or marginally stable. Gravity is acting to move the clay rich soil downslope.  By the nature of the location, on a hill slope, or at the top of a hill, Greater Cincinnati property has a high potential for landsliding.

Other geo-hazards that can be found in the tri-state include stream bank erosion, flooding, swelling soils, and sink holes.

Geology Services*

Being a real estate professional and property manager, combined with my geology background gives me a unique perspective and makes my commercial consulting services especially valuable. I can analyze a property from both a Realtor and geologist perspective. For further information on geologic consulting, and on the geology and history of the tri-state region you can go to the web site:

*Disclaimer: Geological consulting is a separate service that is not automatically included with real estate services. A thorough geological inspection requires special attention and research. I encourage you to contract with me separately to provide real estate and/or geological services.