Why Should You Hire a Licensed Property Manager?

With years of experience and comprehensive management expertise, I as a property manager can maximize your property’s potential as an income-producing investment.

Provide management expertise
Experience is one of the defining qualities of a good property manager.

Whether all of your real estate investments are in one city or across the tristate region, as your property manager, I have the expertise needed to make your properties desirable in the local market.  With extensive analytical training and years of experience, I have the ability to deal with complex issues and unforeseen obstacles.

Communicate skillfully
A property manager needs good communication skills. Aside from maintaining smooth building operations, you need someone who is capable of interacting with a diverse group of people. From one-on-one interaction with residents or tenants to boardroom meetings regarding P&L statements, I have the knowledge and expertise to cover the whole range of communication channels.

Help you reach your investment goals
Having an experienced property manager means that you have someone who can do more than just building maintenance. The training involved in becoming a professional property manager ensures that your property will be managed as an investment. I am equally as comfortable justifying rent increases to your tenants as calculating and maximizing your return on investment. Whether you intend to own property for a few years or a few decades, I will analyze your property’s financial potential to help you meet your investment goals.

Educational Background

In addition to having the necessary experience I have also successfully completed these courses for property management through the Institute of Real Estate Management:

  • Ethics for The Real Estate Manager
  • Applying Investment Criteria to Real Estate Asset Decisions
  • Measuring Performance of Real Estate Assets
  • Financing and Valuation Strategies for Real Estate Assets
  • Marketing and Leasing Strategies for Retail Properties
  • Marketing and Leasing Strategies for Office Buildings
  • Marketing and Leasing Strategies for Multi-Family Properties
  • Identifying Financial Alternatives at the Property Level
  • Mastering Property Budgeting and Accounting
  • Managing Single-Family Homes and Small Residential Properties
  • Mastering the Essentials of Marketing and Leasing
  • Managing Maintenance Operations
  • Risk Management: Protecting People, Property, and Profits
  • Managing Human Resources for Optimal Results